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Manufactured from our 85,000 sq ft site in Northumberland, our locally made rooflights are available throughout the whole of the UK.  Based in the North East of England we are in a prime location for easy delivery throughout the Northern region as well as the rest of the UK.

As we design and manufacture the rooflights this means that we can create bespoke rooflights. Our team can discuss with customers any specifications they may require such as a different size to that stated on the website. All of our products are manufactured and assembled, ready for the delivery from our Bedlington base.

Once we have received your order we can dispatch your rooflight from our Northumberland warehouse within 48 hours – Monday to Friday – and we provide free delivery throughout Britain.

We offer our products nationwide and due to being a local business have built up a strong reputation and trust with our customers based in Northumberland, Sunderland, Gateshead, Durham, Newcastle and further afield.

Since all of our products are developed directly from us in Northumberland, you can be assured that your rooflight will meet and often exceed British industry standards. This is why we are recognised as being one of the most reliable and largest distributors of rooflights in the UK.

If you would like find out more, visit our contact page or call us on: 01670 821166

Let Some Natural Light Into Your Home With Duraglaze

Duraglaze Plus Glass Rooflight


Duraglaze glass rooflights are an easy way to brighten a room and make it look more spacious in a way artificial light can’t achieve. There are several things to consider when choosing a rooflight for your home, such as:


Which rooms will Duraglaze work best in?

Glass rooflights can be used in any room that isn’t built on top of. They’re great for sky rooms, lofts and dining rooms.


Are they easy to maintain?

Once installed the windows are very easy to maintain with nothing needed other than occasional cleaning. We offer rooflights with features such as self-cleaning and solar control. The external part of the rooflight offers an integrated water management system that sheds water.


Should I choose fixed or opening?

Most of our Duraglaze rooflights are available as fixed with no ventilation or we can offer hinged products that can be opened to provide ventilation to the room.


For opening rooflights, should I choose manual or electric?

Manually operated units are supplied with a brass telescopic mechanism and are operated by a winding rod to add as much or as little ventilation as you would like. Electric hinged rooflights are easier to open with a wall mounted button but can be harder to control how much ventilation you require.


Will they fit in my roof?

All our rooflights come in a range of different dimensions and we can even create bespoke sizes to suit your individual needs. Click here to see our full range of sizes.

If you’re still unsure which glass rooflight will work best for you, call us directly on 01670821166 or email us at



duraglaze glass



Duraglaze P

Duraglaze T

Duraglaze T

Duraglaze Plus Glass Rooflight

Duraglaze Plus


Update Your Home with a Roof Light


roof lightA roof light is an easy and cost effective way to add some natural light into a room and provide a modern update.

A clear glass skylight can make a room feel bigger, brighter and can add a dramatic feature to the room. The rooflight can act as a focal feature to a room, especially if you like a minimalist look, due to the amount of light coming from it. And what’s more, a lot more light will flow into a room from a roof light than a traditional wall-based window.

Some people who are building extensions prefer a rooflight with contrasting walls rather than a traditional conservatory. This is known as a ‘skyroom’ and gives the luxurious and relaxing feel of a conservatory whilst also counter-acting the problems of conservatories often being too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. This makes the skyroom more suitable for all year round.

Rooflights can work for other extensions as well. A loft conversion would benefit greatly from a skylight to provide some natural light into the area. This gives the illusion of space to an otherwise small area. It also has the benefits of providing a peaceful rooftop view, fresh air and some much needed ventilation during the hot summer months.

Roof lights can work for almost any room instantly giving it a modern update and making it appear brighter and more spacious. Some people opt to have a skylight in their bedroom but roller blinds should be added as you don’t want your room to be too light at night in the summer.

If you would like to know how you could give your home a modern update with a roof light call us on: 01670821166 on or send us an email at:

View our roof light range:

Why Buy Rooflights Direct from a Manufacturer?

Roof Light

As one of the very few manufacturers in the UK of rooflights, we have put together seven benefits to buy rooflights directly from a manufacturer and why Direct Rooflights is a key supplier of choice:


  1. UK Manufacturer

You know where your rooflight is coming from. If you buy from Direct Rooflights our products are all made on our own site in Northumberland which spans more than 85,000 square feet.


  1. More Choice

There is a greater variety to choose from. Not everyone has the same amount of space for a skylight and when you order direct you can choose from a range of styles and sizes that may not be available from some suppliers.


  1. It’s Cheaper

When you buy rooflights directly from the manufacturer, it’s much more cost effective than buying from a middle man company. When you buy direct you will get the product for the lowest price.


  1. Delivered Direct

When you order from a manufacturing company you get the product delivered directly to your door. There’s no extra waiting time for your delivery as it is produced and distributed from our Northumberland site.


  1. Warranty

Buy rooflights from Direct Rooflights directly, gives you a 12 month warranty.


  1. Ready assembled

When your rooflight is delivered it is already fully assembled making it easy to fit.


  1. Knowledgeable Staff

All of our skylights are designed and manufactured by a team of highly trained staff . As we produce the product onsite our staff have full technical knowledge of our products that a second supplier may not have.


If you want to know more benefits of buying roof lights direct get in touch through email:, our contact form, or give us a call on 01670 821166.

Benefits of Flat Rooflights


If you have a flat roof in either your home or office space, a great way to brighten up what can often be a very dull space without good lighting is to have a flat roof light installed and enjoy one of the earth’s natural resources – the sun.

Flat rooflights, also known as skylights, offer a broad range of benefits, including:

Increase the Ventilation in Your Property

Through regularly opening your rooflight, which is very easy to do following the instructions provided with all of Direct Rooflights products, you can allow built up warm air to be naturally released, thus increasing the ventilation and creating a more hospitable environment

Increase the Aesthetics of Your Building

Flat roof lights are a great feature to have and studies have shown that people thrive better both mentally and physically when exposed to natural light.

Increase Your Energy Efficiency

Reduce the need during the summer months to have your lighting on all of the time and let the natural light fill the room via a roof light.

Want to know about our range of flat rooflights that are all manufactured onsite in our extensive facilities at Direct Rooflights? Either call us on 01670 821166 or leave an enquiry at

Tips Guide on Maintaining Your Rooflights

direct rooflights

The rooflights that we design, manufacture and supply have a guaranteed lifespan of over 20 years if maintained correctly. In order to ensure that you get the maximum lifespan from your rooflight – as with any fittings – we would recommend that you carry out regular maintenance.

As such, we advise that once you have had your rooflight fitted to carry out the following:


Typically, rooflights can be prone to getting dirtier as they are more exposed to elements such as air pollution, rainwater and bird dropping, in comparison to standard windows. However, they can easily be cleaned both on the interior and exterior using any standard glass cleaning solution, such as warm water with a mild detergent. We recommend that you should clean your rooflight at least once every six months using a soft cloth or sponge.

Harsh cleaning solutions and hard brushes should never be used. If in doubt, always check the label of any solution you are using for further advice.

Alternatively, within our range of duraglaze glass rooflight options, we offer glazing solutions with self-cleaning glass options. To find out more about this, please call our office on  01670 821166.


To avoid condensation – which occurs when there is a vast difference in temperature from outside to inside – we recommend that you can do small things such as using your extractor fan in the kitchen and bathroom, and also try to dry clothes outside whenever possible.

 Want to know more?

If you need any advice at all on, please feel free to call one of our team members on 01670 821166 who will be more than happy to help with any questions at all. Alternatively, drop us an enquiry at

Which Rooflight Material is Best for My Requirements?

roof window

Choosing the right rooflight to suit your needs can be complex – and this is where we can help.

In order to aid the decision-making process, we have put together a brief guide outlining the range of polycarbonate and glass rooflights that are available:

Glass Rooflights

Generally, a glass rooflight is only suitable when used in conjunction with flat panes, insulated units or if attached to a glazing bar system. If choosing a glass rooflight, considerations should be taken in regards to the weight of the rooflight itself which can often be in excess of 40kg/sq.m. Therefore, it is important to check that the structure will support the glass rooflight, particularly if it is a large rooflight.

Resistant to UV degradation, glass offers an ideal futureproof solution as aesthetically it will not suffer from weather exposure.

Direct Rooflight offers a range of high quality double and triple glazing compliant solutions that are very competitive in price. Within our glass rooflight range we offer the following:

Polycarbonate Rooflights

As a thermoplastic material, polycarbonate can be reformed, for example into a dome shape. Polycarbonate rooflights can be extruded into flat sheets for use in a single bar system as well as into a multiwall-structured sheet.

Polycarbonate rooflights offer excellent performance and boast greater rigidity. With exceptional strength polycarbonate rooflights also offer outstanding resistance when it comes to distributing loads evenly in roofing applications.

Direct Rooflights offer a range of high quality polycarbonate rooflights available in both dome and pyramid shape with a range of ventilation options. Within our polycarbonate rooflight range we offer the following:

Want to know more?

If you need help choosing the right rooflight for you, get in touch with Direct Rooflights. As we manufacture the rooflights directly, we are experts and will advise you accordingly.

Feel free to call us on 01670 821166 or email

Our High Quality Rooflights Are Available at Unbeatable Prices, Why Go Anywhere Else?

duraglaze glass rooflight

Whether you’re looking to invest into a standard polycarbonate rooflight to allow natural light to flood a room or a Duraglaze plus glass rooflight to add impressive architectural style, we manufacture and distribute an extensive range of the highest quality products at the lowest price possible.

With our rooflight prices ranging from as little as £63.25 to £2,744.79, we assist our customers every step of the way in choosing the right product to suit their individual needs, whether it be for a home or large scale commercial property. Below, we will walk you through the range of products we offer so you can be sure that you get the right rooflight for you, and at the right cost.

Our extremely robust polycarbonate rooflight ranges offer a smart, robust and reliable roofing solution, allowing natural light to flow through a room. Available in a range of colours including bronze, clear, diffused and opal in both dome and pyramid shape, they can be made to suit customer specifications.

Choose from:

polycarbonate dome rooflight with kerbPolycarbonate Rooflight
Available in sizes 460 x 460mm – 1520 x 2150mm pricing from £63.25 – £700 Ex. VAT

Polycarbonate Roolfight with uPVC Kerb
Available in sizes 600 x 600mm – 2000 x 2000mm pricing from £91.15 – £778.78 Ex. VAT

Polycarbonate Rooflight with Hinged uPVC Kerb
Available in sizes 600 x 600mm – 2000 x 2000mm pricing from £117.24 – £1,459.62 Ex. VAT

As for our Duraglaze range, the competitively priced glass rooflight achieves maximum daylight due to its minimalistic framework finish. Available in a range of glass options including clear, self-cleaning and solar controlled with different frame colour options, the units are not only extremely easy to install, they also require very little maintenance.

Choose from:

Duraglaze Glass Rooflight
Available in sizes 600 x 600mm – 1200 x 1200mm pricing from £132.25 – £417.45 Ex. VAT

Duraglaze P Glass Rooflight
Available in sizes 1250 x 1250mm – 2000 x 2000mm pricing from £634.14 – £2,744.79 Ex. VAT

Duraglaze T Glass Rooflight
Available in sizes 1000 x 2000mm – 1500 x 3000mm pricing from £995.19 – £2,726.78 Ex. VAT

Duraglaze Plus Glass Rooflight
Available in sizes 600 x 600mm – 1200 x 1200mm pricing from £107.53 – £1233,01 Ex. VAT

Rooflight prices vary immensely but at Direct Rooflights – with over 60 years’ experience in the trade and manufacturing all of our products inhouse – you can be rest assured that we provide rooflights at the lowest trade price possible without compromising on quality and standards.

Quality Skylights Manufactured with You in Mind

Duraglaze T

It comes as no surprise that skylights are becoming increasingly popular, available in many different shapes and sizes with an array of features and benefits. Not only does a skylight provide a natural lighting solution, it can also help to reduce the demand for unsustainable energy and contribute to saving money on your energy bills by reducing the need to use at artificial light.


According to Ribbles Cycles, on average, individuals in the UK spend 92% of their time indoors on a weekly basis, therefore it’s important to make sure that the space is filled with natural light to increase satisfaction, mood and productivity, and what better way to do that than with skylights. Emitting up to 40% more light into a space than a standard window – whilst only creating minimal impact from outside – a skylight can provide natural lighting, ventilation, views and even emergency egress.

At Direct Rooflights we have over 60 years’ experience in manufacturing superb quality skylights that offer a smart and fit for purpose solution. Our extensive range of robust skylights are all made using only the best UV protected polycarbonate that offers high impact resistance, available as double or triple skin domes or pyramids, with various glazing tint options available. We ensure that we supply skylights that are manufactured to the highest standard, ready to fit in as little as 48 hours, and being supplied directly from the manufacturer, we can guarantee the lowest possible prices.

Our full range of skylights, access hatches and kerb combinations is available to buy online here. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about our superb quality skylights, or for further advice and information about our services please call us today on 01670 821166 or e-mail us at








Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Direct Rooflights

seasons greetings

With 2017 coming to an end, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers, suppliers and employees for making it such a prosperous year for us.

On behalf of all of us here at Direct Rooflights, we wish you a very merry Christmas and all the best for 2018.

The office is closed over the festive period and will resume back to normal hours in the new year on 4th January 2018.

Look no further for premium quality access hatches


Direct Rooflights are a company with over 60 years experience in the business of roof lights and kerbs. Our extensive experience has been built over the years with services in both manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products nationwide. We’re one of the biggest suppliers nationwide to both trade customers and to the general public. Our prices are unbeatable, offering excellent value for money on the quality of the products you will receive.

All our roof lights, access hatches and kerbs are made using the best polymers available including polycarbonate and Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Additionally, all products sold from our premier range have undergone and passed testing from the British Research Establishment, a charitable organisation who carry out research and testing for construction firms and they tested our products for fragility. On our standard sized options, our turnaround time is exceptional. For those requiring a special built access hatches with custom sizes to suit your specific needs, they are not a problem for Direct Rooflights we are happy to cater to those jobs too.

Maintenance of all our product range is minimal too with no special materials needed. In fact it is recommended you don’t use any chemicals to clean our roof lights at all. As for mechanical components, just an annual check would suffice in ensuring they’re still working correctly. When you buy from us, our products are sold separately so you can customise them however you require, but all tapes and fixings are supplied so that installation is not a problem. Delivery is offered directly to your door, just get in touch to arrange the products and costs. If you require any additional information, then don’t delay in giving us a call or dropping us an email. Our phone number is 01670 821 166 and email address is

Why choose Direct Rooflights?

kerb fixing

Growing numbers of people are looking at the benefits of roof lighting when they refurbish, renovate or re-imagine their homes. Other than the aesthetic qualities they bring to the appearance of any home, rooflights bring many qualities and features that home owners appreciate having. Direct are one of the leaders in the field of supplying the finest quality rooflights at low prices to suit any specific requirement.

Rooflights allow for home owners to enjoy advanced benefits of both natural light and environmentally friendly natural heating. During the long spring and summer months rooflights can minimize the need to use artificial lights. Our rooflights have great heat retention meaning that most of the heat collected during the day will not be lost during the night, creating noticeable savings in your gas and electricity bills. Direct Rooflights only use the most thermally efficient UPVC ensuring that we satisfy the needs of every customer we deal with.

Some assume that homes in the UK would not enjoy as much benefit from the installation of rooflights as possible due to the darker, colder autumn and winter months that the country experiences as part of being in the Northern Hemisphere. The truth is, however, quite different from this assumption. The effects of rooflights can still be enjoyed and appreciated through less pleasurable weather conditions. They provide a significant amount more natural light than conventional windows do at these times, something that serves to cut down on the need for extensive reliance on artificial lighting. Many who have installed rooflights have expressed their pleasure at the calming, smoothing effect being able to see the skies and clouds above them has.

With over six decades of experience and service, Direct Rooflights are one of the leading providers of low priced rooflights to both the trade and private individuals. Our reputation is built on our quick delivery of high quality, precision manufactured rooflights that are guaranteed to meet your expectations and more. Direct Rooflights are proud to offer a wide, varied range of options for rooflights to choose from. We also have the ability and experience to design, manufacture and supply non-standard rooflights to meet your needs in every way possible.