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Let the Light in with Our Duraglaze Range

Our Duraglaze glass rooflights are a simple yet effective way to brighten any room and make it look more spacious in a way artificial light can’t achieve. In this blog, we explore the several aspects you should be considering when choosing a rooflight:

  1. Which rooms will Duraglaze work best in?

Glass rooflights can be used in any room that isn’t built on top of. We find them to be most popular for sky rooms, lofts and dining rooms.

  1. Are they easy to maintain?

Following our stress-free installation, the windows are very easy to maintain with nothing needed other than occasional cleaning. With this in mind, we offer rooflights with features such as self-cleaning and solar control. The external part of the rooflight offers an integrated water management system that’s sheds water.

  1. Should I choose fixed or opening?

It is important to consider how you want your rooflight to look. Most of our Duraglaze rooflights are available as fixed with no ventilation. However – upon request- we are able to offer hinged products that can be opened to provide ventilation to the room.

  1. For opening rooflights, should I choose manual or electric?

Our manually operated units are supplied with a brass telescopic mechanism and are operated by a winding rod to add as much or as little ventilation as you would like. Whereas our electric hinged rooflights are easier to open with a wall mounted button. However, it can be harder to control how much ventilation you require.

  1. Will they fit my roof?

Here at Direct Rooflights, we understand that no two requirements are the same and pride ourselves on our ability to offer a bespoke range that can, within reason, be altered in order to suit your individual needs. Click here to view our full range of sizes.

If you are still unsure on which glass rooflight will work best for you, call our experienced team who are on hand to help 01670 821166 or email us at info@directrooflights.co.uk.