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Thinking about a Conservatory? Add a Rooflight Instead!


As the renovation season is fast approaching and dreams of adding to your property are not in the too-distant future, are you currently wavering the idea of adding a conservatory to your home? Before you make such a costly decision, and as previously mentioned in our blog, a rooflight can bring multiple benefits and might in fact be the right option for you and your home.

One of the main attractions for our customers – other than additional natural light – has been that rarely with rooflights do homeowners need to acquire planning permission. It’s always advisable to check with your local planning council, but as it is usually an addition to an existing roof, and with the amount of options in our product ranges, providing features such as: trapezium, pyramid, hinged, ventilated or fixed rooflights and those that open to provide roof access, it is unlikely to be an issue as you are able to choose which is the best for your property.

A conservatory build must be planning approved, can be time consuming, problematic, expensive, and although adding space to your home, as standard they are not energy efficient and are hard in regulating temperature.

There are various options of rooflights for flat and pitched roofs, and with more people living sustainably – making better use and wanting to renovate what they already have – rooflights are an extremely low cost, more efficient alternative in comparison to building a conservatory.


For more information on adding a rooflight to your property, call us on 01679 821166 or email at info@directrooflights.co.uk.