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Top 5 benefits of adding a rooflight to your home

1). Naturally better
The primary purpose and benefit of adding a rooflight to your home is of course to let more natural light into your home or business. Homes with more natural light – not artificial, fluorescent or yellow light – are healthier, more enjoyable and more attractive spaces to live and/or work in.

2). More light
Unlike traditional vertical windows, rooflights allow more light in throughout the day, and can be placed in tight spaces, and flat and pitched roofs. Light from the ceiling is more than three times brighter than light that enters through vertical windows*, so if you have a room that has potential to add a rooflight, it’s definitely worth doing!

3). Energy efficient
Surprisingly, rooflights are most beneficial during colder climates. As well as increasing natural light into your home they balance the heat within the room. They’ll decrease your need for artificial light thus reducing your lighting costs during the day and will significantly reduce your heating bills during colder months. To find out more on how rooflights are low cost and energy efficient CLICK HERE

4). Add value to your home
Rooflights automatically create a sense of modernism and luxury with minimum cost. By creating more natural light and ‘opening up’ the space, your home will appear bigger, lighter and more welcoming – perfect for eagerly awaiting buyers.

5). A better state of mind
Natural sunlight increases quality of life and comfort to your living environment. Exposure to natural light is proven to promote good mental health by nourishing your psyche and reduce anxiety and stress.


*Source: NARM Technical Document NTD12 2018