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Why Polycarbonate is Right for You

For energy efficient buildings it is required to use rooflights with high U-value. In this case our Polycarbonate products are the superior choice for your skylight material, here’s why:


Our polycarbonate roof lights are robust yet minimalistic, offering a smart solution that allows natural light to fill a room. This product is extremely resilient – being one of its main selling points – it is able to withstand impact and is virtually shatter-proof. Polycarbonate rooflights are also extremely long lasting when handled and maintained correctly. Despite this longevity, polycarbonate is also unique because, as long as it has a tint or filter applied, it does not discolour over time meaning the light clarity will last much longer.


Polycarbonate has the edge when it comes to other green issues: it takes less energy to produce than competing products and, unlike fibreglass/other glass alternatives, it is easily recyclable.


Polycarbonate has very low thermal conductivity which makes it a good insulator. Whilst not as naturally thermal as glass, polycarbonate can be made to increase thermal performance. Plus, all of our roof lights meet Building Regulations in regard to fire-resistant properties, but polycarbonate is a naturally fire-resistant material, accepting a lot of heat exposure.

Our rooflights are extremely eco-friendly and will continue to support sustainable housing. So, when you’re next working on a renovation project consider how you can recycle your old windows and replace them with new modern eco-friendly ones here at Direct Rooflights.