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Rooflights made with style and quality in mind

For a range of good reasons UK home-owners are increasingly looking at having rooflights fitted to their homes. Whereas once this was considered something of a designer luxury, technology improvements has allowed a company like us at Direct to be able to offer the most outstanding quality of rooflight at the lowest trade prices possible.

roof lights on sloped roofIn this time of rising energy costs, with even the most generous of budgets feeling the effects of increased charges for gas and electricity, rooflights offer great value in helping reduce this expenditure. By their very nature rooflights allow for considerably more natural light to enter your home, reducing the need for a reliance on artificial lighting. This serves to both reduce your reliance on expensive lighting inside and is much better for your general wellbeing, with research indicating that people who are exposed to more artificial than natural light are more prone to symptoms of depression.

This is true, in particular with regards to the psychological benefits, as much during autumn and winter as it is of summer. Despite the sunlight hours being shorter, research has shown than people experience more comfort and less anxiety when they are able to sense and see the skyline. Having rooflights takes away the feeling of being “trapped” or being kept a prisoner in their own home during inclement weather.

Rooflights can also provide assistance and benefit in making a home more energy efficient. Other than the beneficial extra lighting it lets in, substantially more natural heating is allowed to be transmitted into the house too. Rooflights and skylights can also enhance the efficiency and ability of your home to retain heat, with less energy being allowed to escape.

A natural concern would be that this comes at the cost of increased exposure to the dangers of the sun. We at Direct address this by ensuring that the high quality rooflights we provide features UV protective coating, which works to keep the harmful elements out as the beneficial ones flow into your home.

The aesthetic appearance benefits of rooflights are complemented by the other, numerous qualities that they bring to your home and lifestyle. To ensure that you gain all possible benefits, however, it is important to use only the best and most trusted roof lights products available. For over 60 years we at Direct have a proud record for doing just that, with our quality products being made available at trade prices seeing us as being regarded as one of the leaders in the field.