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The Perfect Spring Renovation with Direct Rooflights

With the winter months dragging and January (especially if ‘dry’) feeling like it is lasting forever, we are all dreaming of clear skies and longer days!

Spring also brings warmer weather – making renovation projects and rooflight installation so much easier. With spring being one of the most popular times for home renovations (ready for summer months) now is the time to start preparing and to establish which rooflight is the perfect addition to your home.

Rooflights add plenty of natural light into previously dark spaces and are proven to be more effective – and the quality of light is much higher – than that from vertical windows.

Eradicate claustrophobic rooms with winter shadows and create a brighter, more open and welcoming living space. And once winter does roll around again, you will certainly appreciate the additional light in your home as daylight becomes scarcer. From show-stopping Trapezium to our Glass Rooflights Plus, our wide range of rooflights will eliminate dull spaces and let the sunshine flood in.

Speak to Direct Rooflights today to see which rooflight is best for you and will make all the difference to your home.