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Top Tips: How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger

The smaller ‘spare’ rooms in your home don’t have to be dark, dull and restrictive. When reworked these small spaces can be transformed into beautiful rooms that you suddenly have a yearning to spend all your time in.

Older properties especially, are potentially full of smaller rooms with perfect opportunities to renovate and modernise. With property prices continuing to rise, more and more homeowners are looking to invest into their current properties and work with what they have rather than paying the price tag of what they ideally want.


Here’s some of how top tips to make your small space look bigger:

By increasing the natural light into a room with a rooflight, you’re not interrupting any much-needed wall space and as the light entering is dispersed, it enters from all angles providing more light than a standard window. Dispersed light is also likely to eliminate shadows, which can cause a room to appear smaller and unwelcoming. Mirrors placed on an empty wall helps the room appear bigger and will throw the light around the room throughout the day. As well as reducing the need for artificial light, adding a rooflight will improve your room’s airflow.

Although dark wallpaper or painted walls can look great for a contemporary feel or can create a feature, in a smaller space, they can ‘bring the walls in’ and create a submerged feeling. Support the room’s natural light with soft tones and natural hues, keeping the atmosphere bright. Add colour to the room with a colourful painting and accessories. In small bathrooms and kitchens, keep tiles, fixtures and cabinets light in colour, and add plants to help ventilate and to give a clean and open feel.

In cramped rooms, any free-standing cabinets or wardrobes that do not extend to the ceiling are clunky, cluttering and using space that could be better managed. Create a feature wall of shelving that can reach the entire height of the room and make a focal point out of all knick-knacks, ornaments, photos and decorations. If you would rather close the door on your mess or want to keep your belongings private, installing fitted wardrobes utilises the whole height of the room whilst keeping objects out of sight or locked away from little fingers!

A lot of older properties’ hallways, smaller bedrooms or utility rooms have built-in, under stairway or corner cupboards, with potential to open up – adding some extra space- or use it to expand into another room. When executed properly, taking space from a hallway or a cupboard under-the-stairs, can add some much-needed room and possibly value to your home.


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