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As We Head Back to A New Work Normal, Making the Workplace Brighter Saves Money on Energy Costs and Boosts Staff Morale

After months of working from home, the easing of lockdown means many of us will be returning to the workplace.

For employers this is a strange time. How to keep your staff safe, how to incorporate the new normal into the working environment, not to mention how you can save costs whilst still boosting staff morale.

Consider a rooflight.

As one of the UK’s largest distributors of rooflights in the UK, Direct Rooflights can reduce your energy costs – through the introduction of more natural light –whilst also boosting the mental wellbeing of your team through the feeling of more daylight and space in the workplace.

And by ordering from us you’re guaranteed:

  • A supply direct from the manufacturer at trade prices
  • All rooflights made in the UK and to exacting standards
  • Delivery direct to your door
  • The availability of bespoke sizes and dimensions
  •  Ready assembly and easy fitting
  •  A 12-month warranty.

Our online services have operated as normal throughout Covid – whilst making sure we keep everyone safe – so, as you prepare to bring your staff back to work safely and reassured, talk to our experienced team on how the installation of a rooflight will reduce your energy costs and support your staff’s wellbeing.

Stay safe, reduce costs and boost staff morale in the workplace with Direct Rooflights.

For more information on adding a rooflight to your premises, call us on 01679 821166 or email at info@directrooflights.co.uk.