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Rooflights Direct

Direct Rooflights are a company with over 60 years experience in the business of roof lights and kerbs. Our extensive experience has been built over the years with services in both manufacturing and supplying the highest quality products nationwide. We’re one of the biggest suppliers nationwide to both trade customers and to the general public. Our prices are unbeatable, offering excellent value for money on the quality of the products you will receive.

All our roof lights, access hatches and kerbs are made using the best polymers available including polycarbonate and Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. Additionally, all products sold from our premier range have undergone and passed testing from the British Research Establishment, a charitable organisation who carry out research and testing for construction firms and they tested our products for fragility. On our standard sized options, our turnaround time is exceptional. For those requiring a special built access hatches with custom sizes to suit your specific needs, they are not a problem for Direct Rooflights we are happy to cater to those jobs too.

Maintenance of all our product range is minimal too with no special materials needed. In fact it is recommended you don’t use any chemicals to clean our roof lights at all. As for mechanical components, just an annual check would suffice in ensuring they’re still working correctly. When you buy from us, our products are sold separately so you can customise them however you require, but all tapes and fixings are supplied so that installation is not a problem. Delivery is offered directly to your door, just get in touch to arrange the products and costs. If you require any additional information, then don’t delay in giving us a call or dropping us an email. Our phone number is 01670 821 166 and email address is info@directrooflights.co.uk

Why choose Direct Rooflights?

kerb assembly

Growing numbers of people are looking at the benefits of roof lighting when they refurbish, renovate or re-imagine their homes. Other than the aesthetic qualities they bring to the appearance of any home, rooflights bring many qualities and features that home owners appreciate having. Direct Rooflights are one of the leaders in the field of supplying the finest quality rooflights at low prices to suit any specific requirement.

Rooflights allow for home owners to enjoy advanced benefits of both natural light and environmentally friendly natural heating. During the long spring and summer months rooflights can minimize the need to use artificial lights. Our rooflights have great heat retention meaning that most of the heat collected during the day will not be lost during the night, creating noticeable savings in your gas and electricity bills. Direct Rooflights only use the most thermally efficient UPVC ensuring that we satisfy the needs of every customer we deal with.

SkylightSome assume that homes in the UK would not enjoy as much benefit from the installation of rooflights as possible due to the darker, colder autumn and winter months that the country experiences as part of being in the Northern Hemisphere. The truth is, however, quite different from this assumption. The effects of rooflights can still be enjoyed and appreciated through less pleasurable weather conditions. They provide a significant amount more natural light than conventional windows do at these times, something that serves to cut down on the need for extensive reliance on artificial lighting. Many who have installed rooflights have expressed their pleasure at the calming, smoothing effect being able to see the skies and clouds above them has.

With over six decades of experience and service, Direct Rooflights are one of the leading providers of low priced rooflights to both the trade and private individuals. Our reputation is built on our quick delivery of high quality, precision manufactured rooflights that are guaranteed to meet your expectations and more. Direct Rooflights are proud to offer a wide, varied range of options for rooflights to choose from. We also have the ability and experience to design, manufacture and supply non-standard rooflights to meet your needs in every way possible.