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Gain safe access to your roof with durable access hatches

access hatches

A roof access hatch is a safe and secure ways to access the roof of a property. Fitted with galvanized steel bars, and utilizing internal gas rams for easy access, as well as an internal closing mechanism, they are incredibly safe. In fact, they are much safer to use for reaching a roof than conventional ladders. This ensures that any roof-related tasks, from cleaning to re-surfacing, can be accomplished quickly and easily. Not only that, but they offer brilliant ventilation options for your property. At Direct Roof lights, we have been manufacturing and supplying these hatches for several decades.

access hatch rooflightsOur range of access hatches are crafted by us to offer a brilliant quality product, alongside great prices. When manufacturing them, we use only top-quality uPVC to ensure strength and durability. This ensures that your hatch will continue to operate long after you’ve bought it, with only an annual check up of the mechanics needed to ensure it’s in working order. Supplied with single, double, triple and quadruple skin options, they can be customized to enhance their durability. We can even manufacture hatches in special sizes on request, meaning that no matter what the size of your property is, we will have you covered.

Our Premier Range access hatches offer phenomenal value for money, being tested by the British Research Establishment for non-fragility. This means that even the experts agree that our range provides the best value for money with their durability and ability to stand up to the most adverse conditions. As we supply you with the products that we ourselves manufacture, our range is delivered directly to you, with a twelve month warranty, already assembled to ensure hassle-free installation.

We are always open to take queries about our fantastic range. All you have to do is call us on 01670 821 166.
Alternatively, you can reach us via e-mail at info@directrooflights.co.uk.