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Brighten up your home this winter with a Rooflight

As the clocks have gone back and darkness falls into our homes seemingly earlier than ever, it’s a fantastic opportunity to make the most of the natural light we do have.  Increasing daylight into your home brightens rooms and allows the space to open, therefore considered bigger and more welcoming. Time consuming renovations and extensions are simply not practical in the lead up to Christmas. So, this winter, if you’re looking for a more cost-effective way to make the most of natural daylight, look no further.

There is an easier way to create a light-filled home, add a rooflight!

Rooflights can effortlessly and swiftly be installed in both flat and pitched roofs, and usually require no planning permission. They allow vast amounts of light to flood into rooms throughout the day, more so than traditional vertical windows. ‘Top light’, is more than three times brighter than light that enters through vertical windows*, so if you have a room that has potential to add a rooflight, it’s definitely worth doing!

Rooflights work well in windowless rooms, and smaller designs still allow a lot of light, perfect for hallways where the natural light can drench the entire space below.

Rooflights are inexpensive and an effective answer to renovating your home, without the pains that come with traditional extensions and conservatories.

For more information on how a rooflight can improve your home, contact us today!