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How Rooflights can save you energy and money!

Rooflights add a host of benefits to your home: they can be installed in tight spaces where traditional windows cannot, they come in a multitude of designs, rarely need planning permission, drench rooms with natural light and can be tailored to fit in to any home.

… And, did you know that rooflights can have a positive impact on your home, carbon footprint and reduce your energy bills?

Solar heat gain will reduce the need for as much artificial heating, and by installing high quality glass rooflights which retain the heat and still allow optimum natural light, perfect for during the winter months.

Many rooflights allow for ventilation and open outward, naturally releasing hot air that accumulates in your room. This allows fresh air into your home, which in turn is healthier than using energy consuming purifiers and air conditioning units.

Increasing your natural light means less need for conventional lighting dramatically reducing the amount of Co2 emissions your home produces and lowering your electricity bills.

The amount of daylight is dependent on building type, size and the positioning of the rooflight, but are efficient, nonetheless.

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