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Improving Worker Productivity with Our Rooflights

We spend most of our time inside, which has been proven to take its toll on our bodies. Research shows that providing workers with access to lots of natural light has a huge impact on their productivity levels.

In this blog, we discuss the varying ways that daylight contributes to our physical and mental health, and how these affects can be minimised with our rooflights.

The Impact of Natural Light on Physical Health

A damaging side effect of not having the sufficient access to natural light is Vitamin D deficiency, which is essential for a number of our core bodily functions.

Artificial light can also contribute to several eye problems and migraines. LED lights in particular force the eye to work much harder in order to see, resulting in headaches and eye strain.

If you are looking for a robust yet minimalistic rooflight, offering a smart solution that allows natural light to fill the office, we recommend installing our polycarbonate roof lights.

The Impact of Natural Light on Mental Health

Working for lengthy periods of time without access to daylight increases the risk of developing mental health issues such as depression and bi polar. These disorders are linked to the disruption to our circadian rhythm. Recently, research has shown that natural light helps people to be generally happier, calmer and less susceptible to the impact of stress.

In order to ensure your workers are receiving optimum exposure to natural light, we offer a range of glass rooflights, perfect for any business looking for their space to feel bigger and look brighter whilst still achieving maximum access to natural light. Our rooflights – in comparison to a traditional window – are much more effective and can be fitted in listed buildings where new window openings in walls are not allowed. This is because they do not impact the look of the building from the outside but allow maximum light exposure on the inside.

If you would like to know more information on our rooflights range, please call our experienced team on 01670 821166. Alternatively, please email us at info@directrooflights.co.uk.