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Planning your Home Renovations for the Year Ahead

New Year, New Home.

The key to renovating your house is primarily to plan the entire process effectively and in advance. Maybe you’ve got some home improvement projects that have never gone further than the idea stage. But with the start of a new decade, what better way to finally make those improvement dreams a reality.

Perhaps you don’t yet have a list of improvements you’d like to make around your home yet? But need some ideas for how to modernise your home? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Replace your windows

The problem with old, draughty windows is that they not only negatively impact the overall look and feel of your home, they also impact your energy bills.

If you’ve got old windows that have definitely seen better days, and you’re constantly having to turn up your heating to compensate for the cold draught coming in, why not make 2020 the year in which you replace your windows for more modern alternatives.

Hang up new striking curtains or blinds

Spruce up any room with new curtains, blinds, or an on-trend combination of both. Unlined curtain panels are easier to make than traditional curtains and, with no pleats to increase the amount of fabric you’ll need, you can go for more luxurious options.

Add a rooflight

When it comes to home improvements, any changes you make to your house should be focussed on affording you an improved quality of life. Whether that’s fixing an existing problem or adding a new feature, the goal should always be to benefit you and add some decent value to your property.

One such home improvement that many homeowners are choosing to make nowadays is installing  rooflights to allow more natural light and air into their homes. It’s an option that is usually much more cost effective and doesn’t involve major surgery on your house.

Whether you’re looking to brighten up a room that doesn’t see much daylight, or improve your home’s ventilation, a rooflight will do the trick.

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