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Simple Remodelling Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Property

When renovating your house, you want to not only make it a nicer place for you or the next people to live at the property, you also want to install measures that are going to see the biggest return on your investment.

As we head into Autumn, it’s a great time to get a few last minute, simple renovations done to your house before the winter kicks in. As such, we have put together a few renovation ideas for you:

  • Install rooflights

Natural light is a huge selling point for homebuyers and a simple way to achieve this is through installing a rooflight. Not only do they look great and brighten up the room, they also increase the home’s energy efficiency and reduce energy bill – another bonus point when it comes to selling the house.

Transform any gloomy room with a rooflight from Direct Rooflights, which start from as little as £63.25. View our range here.

  • Do up your door or invest in a new one

Your door is the first thing that people will see upon entering your house. A simple lick of paint can work wonders to spruce up a tired door, or if it has seen better days, it maybe worth investing in a new one. Making the right first impression is everything and it doesn’t cost a fortune to get this right.

  • Update your kitchen

With the kitchen said to be the heart of the home, it is important that a warm feeling is created in this room, whether it’s for yourself or future buyers to envisage themselves cooking in this space. Kitchens, often thought to cost the earth, don’t need to be expensive and there are some simple upgrades that you can make without breaking the bank.

Upgrade your worktop with a laminate faux marble effect that is very on trend at the minute or a faux wood traditional look that will never go out of style. This look is inexpensive with the finish illusion of a high cost design.

You can also very easily update the look of your kitchen with a new splashback. For tiles, we recommend that you find a low budget option of your favourite designer tiles – there are plenty of options available on the market.