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What is the difference between a skylight, a rooflight and a roof window?

Due to manufacturers and suppliers referring to them differently, many people are under the impression that a skylight and a rooflight are two separate products, when they are in fact the same.

Whether you choose to call it a skylight or rooflight, it is ultimately designed to achieve one objective: increase the amount of natural light into a space – and to ventilate if it is a rooflight that opens.

However, a roof window is a completely different product entirely and there is a big difference when it comes to form and function – so before you decide, make sure you know which is which!

Roof windows fall under a British Standards regulation, which specifies that all roof windows must be fitted ‘in plane’ with the surrounding roof and to the same orientation. They must also be CE marked by manufacturers, meaning they need to provide a declaration of performance (DOP) to customers outlining unit performance under rigorous test conditions. Additionally, roof windows tend to be ‘off-the-shelf’ as opposed to bespoke rooflights, and are usually only available in standardised shapes, sizes and specifications.

If you’re looking to add an architectural showstopper to your home however, then our Pyramid and Trapezium rooflights are ideal. With their 3D design, they allow a substantial amount of natural light into a property, are designed to be installed in flat roofs and are the modern alternative to conventional conservatories.

Due to their design, our Pyramid and Trapezium rooflights add height to your room making it appear bigger and allow a considerable amount of natural light -from all different angles- to beam into the space below.

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