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Bespoke Rooflights

We offer bespoke rooflights because we understand that no two buildings are the same and each one has its own individual requirements.

glass rooflight

The size of your rooflight is an important factor as it can drastically affect the overall look of a room. Our standard sizes are designed suitable for the majority, but certain rooms will need something different in order to achieve the desired look. Size also determines how much light will be let into your room, therefore this should also be taken into consideration when making your decision.

By providing bespoke rooflights, we can tailor our products so that they meet your specific needs. As well as allowing you to choose your size, we also offer various shapes and finishes such as glass or shatterproof, robust Perspex (polycarbonate) to provide an amazing, glass like display whilst upholding best safety practices. Our Perspex roof lights are created using a thermoforming process in single or triple skin construction in order to meet architectural requirements. We also offer a range of colour tints including clear, diffused, opal and bronze to suit specifications.

trange range wormgear

All our bespoke rooflights can be supplied with a UPVC kerb. You can find more information about our UPVC frames reading our previous article: benefits of UPVC frames.

If you would like to order from us, why not take a look through our current range and get in touch with our sales team on 01670 821166 or via the contact form to discuss your requirements.