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Hinged kerb rooflight

Installing a roof light in your home or workplace is a big decision and there are a range of things we suggest you consider before choosing.

Our blog this month focuses on everything you should think about to purchase the rooflight that’s right for you. 

Where will your rooflight be installed?  Most of us choose to install rooflights to maximise natural light into our home. Make sure when you do this you think about choosing the right type of glass, you want your room to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

We offer several different styles and features to guarantee you pick the rooflight that’s best for you:

  • Flat Glass
    Our specialist, duraglaze flat glass roof lights create maximum daylight exposure thanks to their minimalistic framework design. Available in clear double-glazed units, solar controlled, self-cleaning glass, or bespoke configurations these provide an ideal solution for maximum sunlight.
  • Pyramids
    These attract sunlight from all angles throughout the day, so your home or workplace will always be flooded with natural light. Our duraglaze pyramid rooflight is fixed and comes – if needed – with a uPVC kerb, in a range of dimensions and with a range of custom colour choice.
  • Trapeziums
    Are a classic rooflight style and – like our pyramid range – come in a selection of dimensions and colour choices with a uPVC kerb should it be needed,  

With prices starting from as little as £63.25 for a polycarbonate model, you can be sure that at Direct Rooflights we have every option to make sure you choose the rooflight that best suits your style, budget and design requirements.

For more information on adding a rooflight to your property, call us on 01679 821166 or email at info@directrooflights.co.uk.

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Interior Design This Summer

Never have we been more interested in interior design than this year. And, as we all pay more attention to and invest more money in our homes, having styles that are ‘on trend’ has never been more important.
All around us we’re seeing guides on what paint colours are trending, what fabrics to combine them with and what furniture is a must have (who’d have predicted the return of the drinks trolley!).

And as part of these ‘trending’ interior design looks we’re seeing more and more focus on incorporating glass as a style feature in the home. From pyramid rooflights that add height and volume to walk over trapeziums, we have probably never seen the incorporation of glass into our homes as much as we’re seeing now.

As trending interior design styles take on the look of the Victorian, with the resurgence of stair paneling and stair runners, the introduction of a pyramid rooflight adds the perfect complimentary glass style, creating space, height and volume in hallways and on staircases.

And, with colours available that are very much on trend – including anthracite grey – with prices starting from as little as £634, this addition to your home will make a design statement that is certainly hot on trend this summer.

Our online services are operating as normal – whilst making sure we keep everyone safe – so there’s never been a better time to browse, buy and consult with our experienced team on the statement pyramid rooflight that will transform your home.

Enjoy time in your home with Direct Rooflights.

For more information on adding a rooflight to your property, call us on 01679 821166 or email at info@directrooflights.co.uk.