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The smaller ‘spare’ rooms in your home don’t have to be dark, dull and restrictive. When reworked these small spaces can be transformed into beautiful rooms that you suddenly have a yearning to spend all your time in. Older properties

  With better weather finally on the horizon, the desire for a new ‘house project’ continues to niggle at the back of your mind. So, before starting any major restoration project including a garage renovation, consider whether it will add

With the winter months dragging and January (especially if ‘dry’) feeling like it is lasting forever, we are all dreaming of clear skies and longer days! Spring also brings warmer weather – making renovation projects and rooflight installation so much

New Year, New Home. The key to renovating your house is primarily to plan the entire process effectively and in advance. Maybe you’ve got some home improvement projects that have never gone further than the idea stage. But with the

1). Naturally better The primary purpose and benefit of adding a rooflight to your home is of course to let more natural light into your home or business. Homes with more natural light – not artificial, fluorescent or yellow light

Rooflights add a host of benefits to your home: they can be installed in tight spaces where traditional windows cannot, they come in a multitude of designs, rarely need planning permission, drench rooms with natural light and can be tailored